ME ON A WALL 2022 Update…

june 2022 update

what have i learned?

i’ve learned i’m a pretty good story teller, but a shit writer because my edited returns are taking longer to approve each time i get a tale accepted.

Fuck me, English is tough.

So, how ya’ll been since my last update?

Me, well i got busy writing again, found me some stories and even got accepted into a few more cool anthologies with a load of excellent writers.

Swarleys back, so that’s cool.

I found a team of great writers and made my own horror anthology that got passed from publisher to publisher to publisher, but finally found a great home in Black ink Fiction.

i read a few good tales along the way, done a fair few reviews as well- mostly 4 star.

I revisited an old SK obsession and found a whole new set of folks to annoy with my writing.

i got me a book deal with a new publishing house, which is really, really fucking awesome and can’t wait to see what they make of my work.

I joined a gym and left a load of FB groups- Echo chambers give me the shits ive decided.

i went from swimming 1 lap to swimming 24 laps in a few short months but left the cycle spin class ‘cos it was torture- why people, why?

I’m finally over hollywood, the shit they produce now doesn’t even keep me in my seat these days, which really pisses me off because that was my thing, cinema.now i just buy old dvds online and watch clint eastwood or steve Mcqueen movies wishing they’d do something grand again.

So, watch this space folks, i hope to muster up the enthu…ah fuck it.

Consumption june 2021


So, the day has finally arrived, i’m thinking about leaving all my social sites and just blogging my thoughts here. I’ve had enough of the constant adverts on FB and the submission call after submission call, day after day after day. The conveyor belt of choices is becoming ridiculous out there. For me, i reckon few of us are not stopping to enjoy our latest work, few of us are taking the time to enjoy the moment of building something exciting. We are simply not savouring the moment, merely moving onto the next idea without even catching up with what we have just achieved. So many book launches falling by the wayside because of another book launch the next day. We give the author another obligatory ‘well done’ post , then move along to the next post, feeling good with ourselves.

Like locust chomping through each new field of corn.

So, instead, i am going to have a wee break from subbing, do what i used to do on here, review movies, have a laugh and post my shitty badly, written stories with or without a reader

Shit, i had fun back then and I didn’t have to worry about where my next acceptance would come from. Hell, I used to post my stories on here because i enjoyed the feedback, i didn’t really care about being accepted in an anthology. But i got the bug didn’t i, got the hunger to collect the shiny covers and it consumed me. My precious!

The truth is i don’t even think many people out there subbing are actually reading the damn things when the books arrive through their letterboxes. Sure, we have a nice group of friends who buy each other’s offerings and give a five star review to encourage others to chip in, but the rest i doubt have the time to pick up the shiny cover and do anything but fawn over their name printed in the TOC let alone read and review a book.

I think i’m over it, so i’m pulling the wagon over to the side of the road and taking a break from all the ‘congratulation’ posts to just catch up and immerse myself in some fine purchases.

Look around people, stop and buy a book from one of your fine colleagues and give them a well deserved review. So what if you miss another drabble submittance, another one will pop up next week asking for your take on some random idea.

I’ve been working on a project lately that has taken most of my free time and energy. The idea was exciting and new and i was eager to share my ideas. But lately, i’m finding the lack of enthusiasm is sucking the energy from me, slowly but surely. My conviction faltering as i near the finish line.

mid life crisis?


It’s time to put things on hold and enjoy my shitty writing and reading on my own for a while, feel the wind in my hair as i soak up the moment.

I’m thinking maybe i need more adventures for me. Enjoy my Redux ideas more than worrying about what other folks think.

Yeh, that’s what i need . Time for a new adventure…

watch this space 🤘

2020- Im back!

Okay, so that’s all my subbing done for the year because summer will soon be here and i ain’t sitting inside trying to work out how to get a tale into any more anthology books.

I have been fortunate this year, my acceptance ratio has been pretty good.






_________*(still awaiting fingers crossed)

So, time for a break, no more until next year.

Instead- i’m writing my own idea, in my own time, hoping i can tell the tale of Commander Redux, the MC from WAR PIG.

i’ve racked up 23,000 so far, and in the process to explain time travel i’ve broken my head- twice. That itself took 10,000 which is a stupid stand alone tale i laughed at all the way through writing.

Basically if you liked WW4 ‘WAR PIG’ and have read DEEP SPACE ‘THE LUCKY ONE’ you’ll recognise the world i’m trying to build, with a few familiar characters sprinkled inside.

It’s tough trying to explain the shit inbetween my ears, tougher still explaining to my missus why i have to disappear halfway through the rugby world cup to nip to the back room to write up a quick idea into page 56 otherwise i’ll forget the flash of inspiration.

i got myself a huge notice board to help with that problem, 3m whiteboard to doodle my time travel madness upon.

so, have a look for my stories, maybe buy a kindle copy- or pick up a free kindle unlimited copy.

if you have an idea yourself, try these guys-



🤘thanks for stopping by.

Sneaky free release to say thank you

are you looking for something free to read? well, just for this weekend the publisher wants to say thank you and has decided to release Redux to the masses for free. click on the link to get your Ebook.

And if you enjoy the idea, maybe get a review on Amazon so we can bask in the glory of recognition.


Melbourne photographs

So, wandering around the streets and just clicking away some shots that grab my interest. I like to filter them at the end of the day when i find a good pub to stop off at and watch the AFL

Flinders St Staition 2022
China town alley 2022
Underground Resistance meeting 2022
avoiding. 2022
Hogwarts Mall 2022
A quiet dine. 2022
Spare a prayer. 2022
Lunch break. 2022
Comic Con Line dance. 2022
Spotted. 2022

found a little gem of a pub called ‘The Sherlock Holmes Inn’ and had a pint while i waited for my steak pie and chips. Folks the pie and gravy are the best i’ve had in a long time.

rocking the Peaky Blinders look.
need a read of something different?

Oh yeh, if you like sci fi try this. It’s a bit Biff Tanen meets Terminator meets Rogue One. i enjoyed writing the idea in the hope a few of you fine folks enjoy reading the tale of a reluctant time traveller. Thanks for stopping by👍


🚀🚀 https://books2read.com/redux 🚀🚀

It’s here! The final battle that will change time! 💥

A big thank you to all those involved behind the scenes. This has been a long time coming. 

Redux, Commander of the Freedom Fighters Brigade and reluctant time traveler finds himself tasked with assaulting an advanced enemy’s production facility to destroy their time-altering technology once and for all. 

When he and his trusty war robot Floyd get their hands on one of the enemy’s time refining vehicles, the pair set forth upon an impossible mission, becoming entangled within the loops and limitations of time travel, enduring endless battles and death. 🚀

What begins as defense of a Moon Colony quickly turns into a high-stakes gambit where the very fate of humanity hangs in the balance.  

Trapped within a past he never experienced and facing a future where nothing is certain, the horrors of war extend across all dimensions in this action-packed adventure where doing the right thing often comes with consequences that ripple through time itself.

#writerscommunity #publishedtoday #timetravel #scifi #sciencefiction #novel #newrelease #christmasshopping #starryeyedpress

Hell Drivers 1957 movie

Fuck me, this one took me back.

Back in the icy January of 1957, the B roads between Hillingdon and Slough witnessed some hair-raising scenes of road rage as HGV drivers terrorised locals in their race to deliver truckloads of ballast. This rather un-British behaviour (at least for that more genteel decade) was staged for the filming of hell Drivers, the tale of ex-con Tom Yately who tries to go straight but gets sucked into a world of corruption and violence when he takes a job at a haulage company.


So, this is what happens when a group of kids grow up and get a job under the watchful eye of the schoolyard bully and don’t want to be the next victim of the packs attacks. I’ve gotta say it’s prettt much spot on when it comes to fucking the new boy about with the jokes and the put downs as he tries to fit in. Whenever i was posted to another squadron as a kid i found out who that joker was quick a stayed clear.

who’s the new boy?

Sid james and Sean connery put Slick through his paces, waiting for the pack alpha to come tear him a new one. And it’s not long before we meet Red, the pack boss.

give’s your lunch money you fucker.

This guy is the one dishing the beatings on anyone who tries to cut him off or hold him back as he makes his daily runs between the quarry and the building site, because top driver gets the bonus. Make 18 runs a day and you get the gold cigarette case he keeps in his jacket. He hams it up real good- i mean Real good. It’s pretty funny to see him chew his way through cigars every scene like he’s Hannible Smith- even when he’s on the dance floor.

it’s my Iphone mate got all me driving tunes on it.

now there is a bit of over acting going on here with Mc Goohan the moody stare down, the John wayne swagger and the donkey jacket padding out his shoulders like he’s a line back, but i’ve not seen a villain played like this since i went to see aladdin at the Playbouse as a kid. You can just hear the boos from the moment this fucker side swipes our hero’s chair from underneath him.

when you’re a Jet you’re a jet

I was waiting for them to burst into song here.

This movie is like a carry on film without the ooooh matron bits or the tit jokes although we do have peggy cummings playing the love interest who soon has no interest in her boyfriend when Tom shows up. But Tom is having none of her advances and beats her about the head because that’s what blokes did back then to keep em keen.

oooh behave!
you ain’t my bird got it!

but she ain’t got it and keeps trying to make Tom jealous by flirting with all them other bad apples to get a rise out of him hoping he’s gonna change his time and take her to the town hall dance.

When we get to the big dance she finds him with another girl and our gang splits up and looks for some unsuspecting girls to harass while embarrassing their limp boyfriends. The one liners used to get the girls onto the dance floor are pure medieval.

him-“remember me from last week?

her – “no?”

him- (grabbing her arm and pulling her to the dance floor) “i’ll remind ya!”

look, he’s my mate

The gang banter is great, Sid James still has a licence to crack cheesy one liners while Connerys eyebrows steer him around the background props.The beat downs and jostlings for rank continue as they go about their daily trips between the quarry and the site swerving their trucks down single lane tracks faster than the furious five defensive driving team thanks to the film being sped up like a charlie chaplin movie.

where’s your pink slip

It’s really all about blokes shirt fronting the locals and looking to be the alpha male, and it’s funny as fuck to watch the macho bullshit in a movie again. Plenty to keep the story moving on and have you rooting for the good guy to come out on top. The sad thing is this stuff goes on when you get a bunch of guys teasing the new guy just that little bit too far.

just shagging your bird, dont get punchy mate!

Just cutting your brake line for a laugh – don’t get punchy mate

Just pushed you into oncoming traffic- not like i was trying to kill you mate

just rolling you off the quarry cliff – don’t get pissy mate.

It’s a great old movie with a good story and a strong cast, well worth a viewing just to see what happens when Red does get beaten to the quarry fill up point.

watch the full movie below- let me know what you think.