Hi guys, thanks for stopping by this new blog,(my last blog sucked- far too busy!) I hope a couple of these stories take your fancy. Most are inspired by reading Stephen King novels, he seems to have thought about everything there is to spook folks with. So forgive me if I seem to follow his lead, its so hard to have an unique idea these days- but i am trying to unearth something special.

Call it a learning curve, and thanks to Alan Seeger, the editor of 13Bites,  a few of my stories have now made it onto his paperback.

if you want to check out his books follow this link_

http://five59.com/ALAN SEEGER

A lot of the stuff I write is a sort of fan fic, follow on ideas about how scenarios might play out- but dont worry, I aint no teenage ‘shipping’ fangirl. Actually 45, like watching sci fi, and reading horror.


Thanks for checking in,

and hey, don’t forget to leave a comment if its your want, mayhaps I’ll reply.


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