Ask Mr Foster


Okay, so this caught my eye and got me wondering about something. I sat back and began writing, then I realised I was practically writing the script for something I had seen on dr who a couple of years ago! So I went back and turned it on its head, and for a laugh, threw in a curve ball.

this is the start- I’m working my way to the end of the second chapter now, but here is what I gots so far guys…

PDF>>>>>>>>>   ask-mr-foster-travel-agency   <<<<<PDF HERE


maddie – update here- shhhh – edit-mr-foster


5 thoughts on “Ask Mr Foster

  1. Truly amazing storytelling you! Its very captivating and I was aaahhhh when I reached the end of the draft to find that I have to wait for more. We always know when the writer is writing just for us! I think it is greater than the science fiction category, I believe there is more of an extraordinarily paranormal element to dark and chilling romance. That’s excellent!


    1. thanks eleanor – really chuffed you like the rough draft . i’ve cleaned a lot of the story up now, and reckon i’m only a few pages from the end. if you want i’ll send you a nod when it’s done . thanks for taking the time out to read it mate much appreciated-

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  2. My pleasure , please send me that nod when its done! Im looking forwrd to it. When you have time, you can check out Time to Play on my blog, it was co-written with a very skilled horror writer so its a little horrific kind of play which I hope you wouldn’t find too disturbing. I hope to have something else up soon too, that’s not yet finished, its title ‘Come Play with Me in the Dark’ . Okays, talk to you soon!!! ; )


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