The Red hand of Anarchy

short story getting longer by the day!



“look, i told you this story was dead before you sent me here” Brian kicked the sodden wall again, cursing aloud into his phone, ” no, you listen, i’m through with this red hand shit- find another muppet to do your donkey work, i’ve had a gutfull of these school runs Frank” he hung up and tossed the phone into the rusty orange stained sink, and punched the stall door. “fuckwit!” he shouted, his anger already at boiling point. Brian had been sent on yet another one of those jobs that demanded exactly zero investigation, because everybody in the office knew there was nothing to investigate. He had been sent out simply to get him out the office once more, away from the birthday celebrations, and the afternoon cake. “fuck ’em” he cursed, adjusting his hair in the tarnished mirror of another school closure site. The sign…

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